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Extrait Jean-Marc Hierholzer : version française,

Born in 1948 in Sarrebourg (France) I presently live and work in Aix en Provence.
After a professional career in Architecture, I started studying Art History, Philosophy and Sociology at the
Aix en Provence University, then Ethnology at the Mediterranean House of Human Sciences.
In a first step
My first exhibitions as a plastician artist took place in the year 1990 with figurative works.
In a second step
Using the medium of contemporary art, I very soon exhibited works influenced by philosophy.

I exhibited my works places such as Modern and Contemporary Art Museum (MAMAC) in Nice (France) and Tate Modern in London.

The works and the picture of the exhibition shown on this blog are parts of my works during this second step.          Their purpose is to help us to face the reality which surrounds us and which is entirely depending on economy.

So, you can find here above two works created to be sold titled “Cézanne with a bowler hat” and “Black Quadrangle” made of the same red dots used in art galleries to show that a work has been sold.

I presently have more than one hundred canvas of this kind.

The picture shown with these works has been taken during an exhibition by means of a poll, at the Nice MAMAC in 2001 with a questionnaire titled “The determining factors for the purchase of a work of art”. This questionnaire is submitted to the visitors in an artistic environment in order that they create works of art. The interrogated person, while answering the questions arising when one is facing works of art by feeling sensations which are equivalent to those we feel in front of a painting, draws his / her own portrait.

I also have many other questionnaires.

In 2007 a reference article was published in the review Feedback # 4 describing my work on these polls by means of questionnaires.

This review, published in London, has recently been made public in Athens then in New York. It is edited by Nayia Yiakoutami curator to the Whitechapel Gallery in London. Feedback # 4 is also available on “” and “”.

Furthermore, for a number of years in my artistic research I have endeavoured to maximize the economic factors and my works show that the economic speculation seems to be the only factor taken into account for the purchase of a painting.

All my paintings have an economic purpose by trying to expound the purchaser’s mind in order to reveal him the morality of his own action.

The very nature of my works is based upon a vision of the global capitalism.

Concepts and pictures are protected by a copyright


Résidence le Clos du Roy

61 Bd. Carnot



Phone : (33) 04 42 26 37 75



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